Applications for UK & Ireland (Medicine) are now open till 23 July 2018 (GMT +8).

The Lee Foundation Overseas Medical Bursary Education Fund is a new bursary offered by the Lee Foundation to provide financial aid to Singaporeans studying medicine overseas. Find out more about the bursary >>

About the Pre-Employment Grant (PEG)

The PEG has been designed as a financial incentive to attract more Singaporean students studying dentistry and medicine overseas to return to Singapore.

The grant will be offered mid-course and cover up to 60% of the remaining years of tuition fees, capped at $50,000 per year up to a maximum grant of $150,000.

Singaporean students studying in an overseas dental or medical school recognised by the Singapore Dental Council and Singapore Medical Council will be eligible to apply.

The selection will be based on merit. Students should possess good grades in their dental/medical studies, especially in their clinical training years. Students are also required to undergo an oral interview with Senior Clinicians from the restructured hospitals and MOH Holdings.

Recipients of the grant will be required to serve in the hospital clusters for a minimum period.

Students receiving a one-year grant will serve in the hospital cluster for two years while those receiving a two-year grant will serve for three years. Please refer to the Dentistry PEG policy for application and interview guidelines.

Students receiving a one-year grant will serve in the hospital clusters for three years, while those receiving a two-year and three-year grant will serve for four years. The service period will include the one-year Housemanship which is served locally.

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