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With an extensive healthcare system ranging from polyclinics and step-down centres to tertiary specialty centres, Singapore has much to offer when it comes to pursuing a fulfilling and meaningful medical career. Singapore’s vast healthcare infrastructure has long been regarded as a modern, state-of-the-art and professional system. In this page, we also hope to impart a little taste of what to expect if you were to embark on a career with us.

One of the unique features of Singapore’s healthcare system lies in the central management and deployment of both manpower and resources across all the various healthcare institutes. Being the holding company for all of Singapore’s public healthcare services, MOHH's objective is to ensure that both the training needs of our medical staff and service needs of our hospitals are met. This will help ensure that resources are allocated effectively and efficiently; to flow seamlessly across all tiers of healthcare services – regardless of whether you are treating a patient in a neighbourhood polyclinic or performing a surgery in a tertiary hospital.

As all our public healthcare institutes will be closely aligned to MOHH, this will make it possible to implement a nation-wide integrated electronic medical records system, accessible across every public healthcare institute. This service is set to revolutionise the way healthcare is being carried out, not just in Singapore but also beyond our shores. What this means is that each and every doctor working in Singapore will be linked to all the resources available on a nation-wide scale to better manage and refer patients when necessary.

All these are in line with turning Singapore into a regional and global Medical Hub, where patients are being treated by a comprehensive network of medical professionals that transcends beyond physical boundaries. As our patient’s needs set to increase exponentially over the years from Singapore’s ageing population, a career with MOHH definitely presents tremendous opportunities for medical professionals to explore the varied fields of healthcare delivery, teaching and medical research.

In January 2008, the National University Health System (NUS-NUH) was formed to advance medical education, research and healthcare delivery priorities in an integrated fashion. The development of an Academic Medical Centres (AMC) in Singapore will present exciting opportunities for doctors who wish to engage academic medicine and research early in their careers.

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