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Application Process

All applications are submitted online through our eResidency portal. There is an application fee of S$100. Payment is web-based, and incorporated into the Application engine and is required before you can complete submission.

As part of the requirement, you will need to enter the email addresses of up to 4 referees. Details on referee eligibility are listed below. Kindly seek permission from your referees before you enter their details. The system will automatically generate an email to your referee requesting for him/her to fill up a confidential online evaluation form.

Applicants are allowed to apply to a maximum of 2 clinical specialty tracks.

Eligibility Criteria

To participate in the Residency Application Exercise, you will first need to be offered employment by MOH Holdings.

All Final Year medical students, House Officers and Medical Officers will be eligible to apply for Phase I and II programmes. In addition, House officers and Medical Officers may also apply to the Radiation Oncology and Surgical Sub-Specialties of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Hand Surgery, Neurosurgery, Plastic Surgery, and Urology.

Phase I & II Programmes (For Graduating​ Seniors/HO/MOs)
Anesthesiology Diagnostic Radiology Emergency Medicine Family Medicine General Surgery Internal Medicine
Obstetrics and Gynecology Ophthalmology Orthopedic Surg​ery Otorhinolaryngology Paediatrics Pathology
Preventive Medicine Psychiatry
For PGY1 and MO only
Cardiothoracic Surgery Hand Surgery Neurosurgery Plastic Surgery Radiation Oncology Urology ​

Referees' Information

1. To aid the residency selection, please furnish contact details for up to 4 referees. Referees must have either supervised, worked with you or have been your personal tutor for a minimum of 3 weeks. They would also need to fulfill at least one of the following requirements

  • a) A faculty member of your medical school, or
  • b) A Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine or Duke-NUS GMS appointed clinical tutor; or
  • c) At least hospital registrar or equivalent, or lecturer or higher.

Referees will be asked to assess various competencies and work attributes deemed important for a Resident that include but not limited to clinical skills.

Note for Local Graduates:
For graduating seniors from YLL-SOM and Duke-NUS GMS, one of the up to 4 referees will be the Dean of the respective medical schools who will submit their letters of reference directly to MOH/MOHH. Such applicants will only need to identify 3 referees.

Please note

1. Knowingly providing false information or a falsified reference may result in disqualification and removal from the Residency Programmes.

2. Please ensure that you have sought consent from your referees before appointing them. Kindly also obtain your referee’s preferred email address.

3. Once you enter the "referee information" fields through the application portal and click the “Submit Link” button, an email with a dynamic link will be sent to your referee’s email.

4. DO NOT cancel the referees once you have submitted their details without first obtaining their agreement. Please also ensure that all referee particulars are correct before you click the ‘Submit Link” button. Any cancellation will result in an automatically generated email being sent to the referee’s email informing them that they have been withdrawn as a referee.

Multiple Mini Interviews

After successful submission of your Residency portfolio, you will be invited to select your interview dates and time in a separate online exercise.

During the day of the interview, you will be required to complete a circuit of 4 interview stations, each lasting approximately 10 minutes. Candidates will be presented with a short case scenario for each station and allowed 2 minutes of reading time. The actual interview will last for about 8 minutes and the responses assessed on pre-determined domains that include but not limited to:

  • (a) Teamwork and Collegiality
  • (b) Communication skills
  • (c) Compassion
  • (d) Professional and ethical conduct
  • (e) Personal Attributes

Please refer to the FAQ for further information.

Matching Exercise

After completion of the interviews, MOHH will send you an email to invite you to rank your preferences for the programme(s) you interviewed for.

Please note that candidate ranking is confidential and will not be made known to the Programme Directors.

Any withdrawals from the Residency exercise from this point on will result in a candidate forfeiting his/her chance to participate in the next residency exercise.​​​