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Training opportunities

Dental officers under our employment are posted to our top public healthcare institutions where they work in teams involving dental specialists and adopt a multi-disciplinary approach towards patient care. This time spent with the specialists is helpful for dental officers, especially if they wish to consider specialising later on.

MOHH's Healthcare Manpower Division holds posting exercises every six months to allow Dental Officers to move through our healthcare system and learn the best practices from different institutions. During the exercise, Dental Officers will be asked to choose one of the following concentrations to focus on.

To extend knowledge, understanding and clinical skills in general dentistry​.

Objectives: Upon completion of the posting, dental officers should have gained experience, knowledge and skills and be competent in:

  • Taking detailed clinical history and conducting clinical examination and diagnosis of dental diseases and anomalies
  • Executing accurate charting, recording and documentation of findings, advice and treatment rendered etc
  • Applying evidence based dentistry in their clinical practice
  • Identifying high dental caries risk patients
  • Implementing preventive care programme
  • Communicating with patients, parents, guardians, caregivers etc.
  • Rendering emergency treatment in patients with oro-dental trauma
  • The following basic dental procedures:
    1. Scaling and polishing and simple root planning
    2. Simple fillings which include amalgams and tooth-coloured restorations
    3. Pulpectomy and other endodontic emergencies
    4. Simple extractions
    5. Orthodontic emergencies and to be able to identify when to refer for orthodontic management
  • Recognising procedures in which he or she is not experienced, indicate awareness of how and where appropriate further treatment can be obtained