Leisure and Events

In a vibrant and cosmopolitan country like Singapore, it is extremely easy to find oneself being immersed in activities outside of medicine. No matter how busy or demanding a medical career may be, our doctors will be able to make time for their own leisure and hobbies. With a year long calendar brimming with exciting activities, Singapore definitely has much to offer when it comes to leisure and recreational events.

One of Singapore’s vibrant scenes is the arts and cultural scene. With the Singapore Arts Festival celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2007, Singapore’s arts and cultural scene is set to garner more and more interest in the years to come. The festival continues to enliven the local arts and culture scene with cutting edge international and commissioned new works by local arts organizations. The inaugural Singapore Biennale held in 2006 attracted more than 800,000 visitors and added much buzz and activity to those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Just recently, Singapore’s nightlife was thrust into the limelight with the staging of the first ever Formula 1 night race. This definitely added much fanfare to 2008’s already packed calendar – one which is attended by sports, celebrities and of course, doctors with fast cars. Being the highest echelon of motor sports and the 3rd-most watched sporting event in the world, more than 100 million television viewers worldwide watched with bated breaths as cars raced past national historical landmarks and skyscrapers, set in the background of Singapore’s city skyline.

On to other sporting events, Singapore will play host to the super yachts competing in the Volvo Ocean in January 2009. Not only that, but Singapore will also be hosting the inaugural Youth Olympic Games in August 2010. So be prepared for more excitement in the years to come.

The Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort and Resorts World @ Sentosa will be opening its doors to the world in 2009. Set against Singapore’s city skyline, this resort will be the site of Singapore’s first casino. The resort will be complemented by the “Gardens by the Bay” project with a unique helix-themed pedestrian bridge linking the Resort to the main Marina Bay shopping district - all in the name of providing a wholesome experience, ranging from retail therapy to good clean family fun.

So whether it is sporting, shopping, arts, fun or plain relaxation, you will find yourself spoilt for choice in Singapore’s dynamic and colorful surroundings

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