Project LOKUN

Project LOKUN 10 - A Medical Humanitarian Project

Lokun has been up and running for almost 5 years now, and with proper handing over from our senior leaders, the way the project is run is almost like clockwork, save for a few last minute changes from our Cambodian partners while we are there. The report will comment on the goals that have been achieved by various committees in the tenth trip to Pursat, Cambodia.


Helping the Locals

Since the stoppage of major screening programs for the villages 2 years ago, the clinics committee mainly provided primary healthcare services for the villages around Pursat town for a total of 3 days in this trip. Clinics aimed to serve the communities of the villages such as Keov Monih, Ruluoh, Takeo and Chuk Mias.

Villagers in these areas are well aware of Lokun's presence at Croap for the past 5 years. In line with our model of continued care, Lokun hires a local doctor from Pursat hospital to hold weekly clinics in Croap, this ensures that patients especially those with chronic diseases like hypertension are followed up regularly.

During clinics, patients with more complex problems are referred to institutions that have the means to treat these patients. Knowledge of these organisations was gathered through the extensive reconnaissance trips of our development committees over the years. Examples of institutions that we refer to include: Hand of Hope, Pursat Hospital, Angkor Hospital for Children and Phnom Penh Hospital. Through partnerships with local organisations, Lokun ensures integration with the local health fabric, and education of the locals of the available avenues of health resources.


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Collaboration with Education

Education used to play an insignificant role during clinics, we attempted to incorporate an element of education targeted at high-risk individuals by setting up an education booth specialised in four main disease conditions/high-risk lifestyles: smoking, hypertension, GI conditions and musculoskeletal disorders. The necessity for education during clinics on this trip was not driven across strongly enough, hence that led to an under-utilisation of our education resources (pamphlets, brochures); moving forward there will definitely be a greater emphasis on this.

Collaboration with House-to-House (HTH)

Traditionally, HTH has been an important avenue for us Lokuners to spread the word that we are here to provide medical help, and also for us to reach out to villagers in hope of educating them with better healthcare and lifestyle knowledge that will improve their hygiene conditions and hence quality of life. This time round we made use of HTH for two additional purposes. One to map the general area that we have reached out to, so that on subsequent trips we can continue from the last point of contact, deeper into the villages themselves. Secondly, for the purposes of establishing our stronghold in Pursat as well as reinforcing our sincerity in helping the villagers, HTH was used as a means to identify people with chronic diseases so that we can directly return to these targeted villagers when we return on subsequent trips. These maps will be very useful during our future trips as we can locate them immediately hence facilitate follow up.

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The perennial aim of education is so that we as Singaporeans, as medical students, can impart beneficial aspects of our lives to the people of Cambodia, so that in the long run, there would be some improvements in their general health status and life expectancy. In all honesty, education is something that no future project should ever give up on because it is a long term effort that many participants who are in the project for only 1-2 trips cannot appreciate. There is not much to comment on in the aspect of education, minor details are left in the individual committee’s AARs for handover purposes.

An integrated health curriculum was completed after previous Lokun trips had compiled feedback from students and teachers on our health education materials over the years. The health curriculum was devised to cater to children from Primary 1 to 6, as a longitudinal track to their current school syllabus. Going forward, we have plans to adapt its contents for secondary school students and have already sought out new communities and schools that we can reach out to in the future.


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The business of the pharmacy committee has always been stocking up on drugs via acquired sponsorships or direct purchases from the local pharmacy at the most competitive prices.



The development committee plays an important role in networking and finding meaningful avenues towards which our project can expand. An entire independent AAR by the committee contains all the details about the progress of the development committee this trip round, but in summary, here are what they have accomplished.


1. Meeting with Dr. Sitha - our resident doctor that provides consultation in our absence

2. Meeting with RACHA (Reproductive and Child Health Alliance)

3. Meeting with medical students from International University and University of Health Sciences

4. Meeting with Hand of Hope director

We would like to thank our sponsors, without whom this trip would not have possible. The generous donations of MOH Holdings, SingHealth, the Lee Foundation, the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation, Alcare and Pharmaforte have empowered us to do much more and touch the lives of many more Cambodians.

Moving ahead, Project Lokun is seeking to expand and increase our efforts to improve the healthcare accessible to the Cambodian community, and to do so we will need more partners to join us on this exciting and meaningful journey. If you are interested or have any enquires for us, please feel free to contact us at

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